The FEEL WOOD solid wood floorboard is something for the individualists. The specially structured surfaces also strengthen the character of the solid wood floorboard.

Brushed or hand-planed surfaces provide hardwood floors with distinctive optics. The quality of the softwood surfaces also improves, because after brushing it is less susceptible to the optical damages.

Additional variation possibilities are provided through the finishing and the combination with the colored oiling, through which the modern and rustic optics both can be achieved.


In addition to our finished surfaces you also have the possibility to get our solid wood flooring with raw surface. From smooth sanded to brushed, band sawn or hand-planed, we can fulfill all wishes of our customers. The natural finished surface FEEL WOOD gives to the room a peaceful, natural atmosphere and invites to feel yourself at home. The noble, affectionate, careful implementation of a wood floor is finally proven by it's appearance and quality.


Oiled floors distinguish above all by their breathability and pleasant surface finish. The natural oil impregnates the wood, the surface remains natural, it feels good to touch and can be very easy renovated. The surface FEEL WOOD has already been oiled for two times, it is very robust and easy-care. Concerning our surface FEEL WOOD you have the option to choose between biological, declared surface AURO or the surface, which was hardened through the oxidation of the natural oil.



Especially robust surface, which is soil-resistant and easy-care. The varnished surface FEEL WOOD consists of 6 layers, it is tested according to DIN 13696 and suitable for commercial use. This high-quality surface wins over not only through its silky gloss, but also with noble appearance as well. In addition to our standard program there is a possibility to choose between different options such as dull or glossy and natural or colored.

The solid wood flooring FEEL WOOD is being cut from the best wood. Even the heavy loads can't damage it. After many years of using the floor, it can be easily renovated and looks like new again. Each floorboard is accurately produced from the solid wood, has all around tongue and groove.