Wood is and remains a natural product that's why no one floorboard looks like another one. And it is good because only being laid completely a solid wood floor creates its visual effect. Heterogeneity of color and structure, easy superficial collapses, knot holes are features which characterize a wood floor as a natural product, distinguish it from artificial floor coverings and, thereby, favourably distinguish it from them. Any other material has no those advantages which are peculiar to a solid wood floor.


Nevertheless, many conditions are important when choosing the correct floor.  Wear resistance, refining of surface and resistance to loadings influence the decision of acquisition directly. Our extensive illustrative material, and alsoshow objects will help you to take a right decision.

The solid wood floorboard FEEL WOOD is manufactured according to EN 13990 for coniferous wood and EN 13629 for deciduous wood. We provide technical data sheet together with the photo of sorting for each of our products in the best way to present to our clients in the best way the quality grading of the solid wood floorboard FEEL WOOD.