Clip installation

STEP 1: Preparation

The subfloor must be structurally sound, flat and dry. To prevent the rising damp the moisture barrier is to be installed (e.g. PE foil 200μ) and a piece shall be pulled up on the walls. Cork underlay can be installed for sound proofing.

STEP 2: Installation

Push clips into one another in such a way that they form a chain, and lay the chains in rows 70 cm apart. Note: the clamping end of the clip should point in the direction the floor is layed. Keep the distance to the wall min. 10 mm per 1 m room width!

STEP 2: Installation

Subsequent rows are installed by fitting tongue into groove and firmly knocking the planks into place.

STEP 4: Glueing

Face joints must be glued. Glue is applied only to the bottom of the groove. Caution: never glue in longitudinal direction!

STEP 5: Connecting walls

The last row of planks is cut to length, taking into account the required spacing from the wall. This row can be glued lengthwise.

STEP 6: Skirting boards fixing

Once the glue has hardened, you can remove the wedges and fit the skirting boards.