STEP 1: Preparation/Base

The subfloor must to be structurally sound, flat and dry. The prime coat with a primer recommended by the manufacturer strenghtens the surface and serves as moisture barrier.

STEP 2: Installation

Before the planks are finally glued, it's recommended firstly to lay them out unfixed to get a desired sorting image/general view. 

STEP 3: Glueing/Installation

Apply the glue with a proper spatula according to manufacturer's instruction. Lay first row of planks onto the glue, leaving minimum 15 mm of expansion gap from the wall.  

STEP 4: Glueing/Installation

Insert next planks in the tongue and groove and make sure that the entire plank is in contact with the glue.

STEP 5: Glueing/Installation

CAUTION: An expansion gap of minimum 5 mm per 1 m of laying width must be maintained between all the stable construction elements (door casings, walls, heating pipes etc.)! If necessary weigh the planks down (with a sand sack etc.).  

STEP 6: Skirting boards fitting

After installation, you can remove the wedges and fit the skirting boards.