STEP 1: Preparation

The subfloor must be structurally sound, flat and dry. To prevent the rising damp the moisture barrier is to be installed (e.g. PE foil 200μ) and a piece shall be pulled up on the walls. Cork underlay can be installed for sound proofing.  

STEP 2: Substructure 1

Installation on the screw fixing boards, e.g. oriented strand boards. Keep the distance to the wall min. 15 mm. The first row of planks is laid with the groove towards the wall, aligned and screwed into the joists from above.

STEP 3: Screwing

The plank rows which follow are blind-screwed through the tongue. The last row of planks, like the first, is again screwed into position from above. 

or STEP 2: Substructure 2

The second option is the installation on kiln dried joists swimming on the impact sound insulation stripes (e.g. coconut fiber) with the spacing of maximum 40 cm to each other.

STEP 3: Substructure/Screwing

Fill the spacing between the joists with packing material (e.g. cellulose). Screw the floorboards to the joists with special screws through the tongue.

STEP 4: Screwing

Tap planks together using a tapping block and secure during screwing. The last row of the planks, like the first, is again screwed into position from above.