The solid wood floorboard is the top product among the floor coverings. FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is produced from a solid piece of wood from sustainable forestry.

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Due to some little nuances in the manufacturing process the solid wood floorboard turns to the accurately fitting solid parquet floorboard for generations to come. The solid wood floorboard FEEL WOOD has all around running tongue and groove connection for endless installation possibilities and saving time and cost. All around mini-bevelled edges prevent coming up of extensions and highlight the product floorboard style.

Relief grooves prevent excessive cupping, a small distance between the tongue and groove raises the fitting accuracy.

The surface is sealed and sanded smooth. The factory insures an extensive program with high quality, robust and ecological surface finishings



Wood is and remains a natural product that’s why no one floorboard looks like another one. And it is good because only being laid completely a solid wood floor creates its visual effect.

Heterogeneity of color and structure, easy superficial collapses, knot holes are features which characterize a wood floor as a natural product, distinguish it from artificial floor coverings and, thereby, favourably distinguish it from them. Any other material has no those advantages which are peculiar to a solid wood floor.

Nevertheless, many conditions are important when choosing the correct floor.  Wear resistance, refining of surface and resistance to loadings influence the decision of acquisition directly. Our extensive illustrative material, and alsoshow objects will help you to take a right decision..

The FEEL WOOD solid wood floorboards are produced according to EN 13990 for softwood and EN 13629 for hardwood. For each of our products, we provide a data sheet including a grading image in order to present our customers with the best possible quality grading of the FEEL WOOD solid wood floorboards.


The FEEL WOOD solid wood floorboard is something for the individualists.
The specially structured surfaces also strengthen the character of the solid wood floorboard.

Brushed or hand-planed surfaces provide hardwood floors with distinctive optics. The quality of the softwood surfaces also improves, because after brushing it is less susceptible to the optical damages.

Additional variation possibilities are provided through the finishing and the combination with the colored oiling, through which the modern and rustic optics both can be achieved.

In addition to our finished surfaces you also have the possibility to get our solid wood flooring with raw surface. The natural finished surface FEEL WOOD gives to the room a peaceful, natural atmosphere and invites to feel yourself at home. The noble, affectionate, careful implementation of a wood floor is finally proven by it’s appearance and quality.

Oiled floors distinguish above all by their breathability and pleasant surface finish. The natural oil impregnates the wood, the surface remains natural, it feels good to touch and can be very easy renovated. The surface FEEL WOOD has already been oiled for two times, it is very robust and easy-care. Concerning our surface FEEL WOOD you have the option to choose between biological, declared surface AURO or the surface, which was hardened through the oxidation of the natural oil.

Especially robust surface, which is soil-resistant and easy-care. The varnished surface FEEL WOOD consists of 6 layers, it is tested according to DIN 13696 and suitable for commercial use. This high-quality surface wins over not only through its silky gloss, but also with noble appearance as well.

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The solid wood flooring FEEL WOOD is being cut from the best wood. Even the heavy loads can’t damage it. After many years of using the floor, it can be easily renovated and looks like new again. Each floorboard is accurately produced from the solid wood, has all around tongue and groove.


Today the modern living is always connected with an underfloor heating. The pleasant comfortable climate and energy-saving operation are very popular among housebuilders and interior renovators.


Wood is a hygroscopic material and reacts to its environment. Wood takes in and gives off air moisture, and because of this, the dimensions of the floor boards can change.

This can cause discrepancies in both the length and width of the boards, in the width this can happen whether the cut is tangential or radial (horizontal or vertical growth rings).

The potential for swelling or shrinking in the length is negligible, in the width it’s extent depends on the type of wood. If the moisture content sinks, the wood will shrink and the joints will open. For a reduction in moisture content of 5% and an average swelling and shrinking value of 0,25% the result will be 1,25%. For a board width of 128 mm therefore, 1,25% will result in approx. 1,6 mm opening of the joints.

These are average values and depend naturally on the species of wood, the growth area, and on the annual growth rings of that particular board (outer or core area) and can therefore vary.

Die FEEL WOOD Massivholzdiele ist der optimale Belag auf Fußbodenheizungen. Die besondere Produktionstechnologie gewährleistet Spannungs- und Verzugs-Freiheit sowie höchste Präzision.

Solid wood flooring – the optimal covering on underfloor heating – why?

  • Emission-free
  •  Homogeneous reaction
  •  Resistent against high temperatures
  •  Thermal conductivity
  • Warm underfoot even in transitional periods without heating
  • Approved for all types of laying on all underfloor heating

Recommended types of wood: oak, ash, larch, spruce, pine and Swiss stone pine in 15 mm / 19 mm / 21 mm thickness and a width of 168 mm

FEEL WOOD solid wood floorboards are suitable for laying in all types of laying on all types of underfloor heating. In order to ensure decades of feel-good life, our recommendations for laying must be observed.


  • Max. wood moisture content of the solid wood floorboards 9% +/-2% Light and nervous woods are not suitable for laying on underfloor heating. All materials (wood/adhesive/cork twilight etc.) together should have a maximum heat transfer resistance of 0.15m²K/W.


No matter in which room it’ll be installed, the incomparable surface appearance of a solid wood floor gives to every room a special, cozy atmosphere.

In order to have unlimited pleasure with your FEEL WOOD solid floor, please pay attention, that oiled floors should be regularly maintened – normally once a year, but more often when it comes to floors exposed to extremely hard wear.

The FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is mainly delivered with a finished surface, e. g. , oiled with natural oil. On site and also during installation of course it may come to dirtying.

In order to have unlimited pleasure with FEEL WOOD solid floor, to provide a perfect appearance in the new place and highlight its natural beauty, we recommend you to make a simple first care immediately after installation.

1. Dry cleaning
Always at first start with dry cleaning with a powerful vacuum cleaner. In case of contamination, which may occur during the installation or in vicinity of a construction site, an additional wet cleaning may be recommended.

2. Damp cleaning with FEEL WOOD care oil
Apply a small amount of FEEL WOOD care oil, distribute with a floor wiper and wipe away. After it has already been oiled twice at the factory, the floor only absorbs a little oil – it is more a matter of “oiling out” to create the optical effect of a new floor

Depending on the loading, a natural oiled wooden floor in the living area in addition to the regular cleaning should be extensively maintained at least once a year. For surfaces with heavy loading in objects area this maintenance interval should be shortened.

1. Dry cleaning
with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

2. Wet cleaning with FEEL WOOD Natural Woodfloor Soap
For five litres of water add appr. 50 ml (1/2 yogurt-cup) soap. Wipe the floor well with this solution and a wrung cotton wipe. For larger areas or very dirty, use two buckets, so you could wash out the dirty wipe in clear water before you apply the soap solution as a protection on the floor again. The floor must be absolutely dry before the next step – re-oiling, therefore let it dry for about eight hours!

ATTENTION: Do not use microfiber cloths, as their abrasive effect WILL remove the oil from the pores of the wood.

3. Re-oiling with FEEL WOOD-Maintenance oil

Without polishing machine: FEEL WOOD-Maintenance oil to be dripped onto the maintained surface, or spray with a pump-sprayer. Distribute and blur evenly with a floormop, in direction of the boards. Let dry without polishing. Attention, note slightly longer drying time about 12 – 14 hours.

With polishing machine: FEEL WOOD-Maintenance oil to be filled in a pump-sprayer. Spray the maintenance oil on the floor, rub-in and blur (streak-free) with a polishing machine with a white pad. Drying time is about 6 – 8 hours. With 1 litre of maintenace oil you can process an area of about 20m².

ATTENTION: Cloths or cleaning papers, sponges, etc. soaked with care oil, spread out well to dry or keep tightly sealed in a tin can until completely dry (danger of self-ignition of oxidatively drying natural oils)!

Oiled floors should be regularly maintened – normally once a year in the living area and more often when it comes to floors exposed to extremely hard wear. For this purpose, we recommend using FEEL WOOD-Care products.

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Precaution measures
Avoid standing wetness. Protect the surface from scratches, e.g., by using felt pads under chairs and furniture. Remove abrasive or sharp-edged materials such as sand or stone chips..

Maintenance Oil
is hard oil for the re-freshening and maintenance of oiled wood floors. The Maintenance Paste is also especially suitable for UV-oiled floors.

Natural Soap
Natural Soap is ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of all oiled, waxed or soaped wood surfaces. It is a purpose-made quality soap, which due to its nourishing properties quickly closes the pores of the wood and protects against dirt and penetration of liquids.

Risk of self-ignition
Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use